Design Consultancy

Design is a practice based discipline and SID has established "Symbiosis Design Cell" within the institute to encourage industry to collaborate and seek consultancy services from our esteemed faculty members. Design cell at SID is a consortium of faculty members which provides consultancy and training to the corporate. Projects are led by individual or a group of faculty members and collaboration is made with external professionals, technical staff and students, based on the requirement of specific project. The facilities at SID have been planned in such a way that it can function as a large design house.

The revenue generated by this activity is shared with the team that works on these projects. This is an important part of SID and is a revenue generating enterprise.

This activity is run as an independent profit centre with its own annual budget.

Following are the specific interest areas for various faculty members:

Sr.No. Name Designation Area of Consultancy
1. Vinay M Mundada Director Electronic Product design and development, Product Ergonomics, Control Panel Design
2. Sanjeevani Ayachit Dy. Director Collection development, Design Research, Pattern development surface creation
3. Manohar Desai Associate Professor Calligraphy, Identity & Brand Design, Publication, Environment Graphic
4. Prasanna Khamitkar Assistant Professor Basic Design, Society Environment & Design, Performing Arts
5. Kushal Jadhav Assistant Professor Design Concept, CAD, modelmaking, Prototyping
6. Prashant Acharya Associate Professor Identity Design, Color & Packaging
7. Keyur Sahasrabudhe Associate Professor Photography, Product photography, Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography
8. Ramesh Aundhkar Assistant Professor Textile design, Basic Design, Craft Design, Material Exploration
9. Pranita Ranade Assistant Professor Digital Graphic Design, Publication Design, History of Art & Design, Design Research, Digital Typography, User Interface Design
10. Anupam Bhatia Assistant Professor Wearable technology into Garments / Textiles, Finishes and Surface Textures Textiles
11. Neelesh Gham Assistant Professor Pattern Making, Garment Construction, Sports Management
12. Niranjan Mhamane Assistant Professor Publication design - Illustration, Sculpture, Fine Arts
13. Vijay Shah Assistant Professor Calligraphy, Typography, Advertising Campaign, Branding & Stationery Design
14. Neetu Singh Assistant Professor Merchandising, Marketing, Information collection & Garment Manufacturing
15. Shaunak Samvatsar Assistant Professor Pre Production, Story boarding, Motion Graphics Cartoon
16. Priyadarshini T Assistant Professor Pattern Making, Collection Design, Draping, Handloom and Handicraft
17. Millie Vanjape Assistant Professor Media, Advertising, Copy writing, Promotion and Various media
18. Rishikesh Joshi Assistant Professor Maker Spaces, Entreprenurship, DIY, Frugal Design, Product Development
19. Anuja Ambekar Assistant Professor Design Research, Ceramic and Glass Industry product development, Lifestyle accessory product development & Craft sector, Space Design
20. Mrudul Mankame Assistant Professor 2D Animation, Character Design, Drawing, Fine Arts
21. Vishal Wadaye Assistant Professor Painting in various media, Sketching, Product Design
22. Saumya Bandyopadhyay Assistant Professor Set Design, Sculpture, Painting, Design Installation
23. Hemalatha Jain Assistant Professor Handloom, Crafts, Natural dyes and Textile texture designing
24. Samidha Gunjal Assistant Professor Animation, Illustration
25. Neha Mandlik Assistant Professor Furniture and Interior Design, user research and analysis, conceptualizing, detailing and managing the project
26. Tushar Amin Assistant Professor Automotive Design, Architectural Design, Interior Design
27. Sandip Deore Teaching Assistant Animaton, Backgrounds, UI/UX Design, Interactive Design, Interactive E-Books, Graphic Design, E-learning, Games
28. Sunil Mahajan Assistant Professor Paintings in acrylics, water colours, oils and mixed media, Decorative Product Design, Photography