Examination Scheme

At SID, we have a combination of Internal and External Evaluation as a part of the approved programme structure. The courses are based on credit system and each credit is further based on three aspects such as Lecture (L), Studio (ST) and Practical (P). The common formula is C=L+ST+P. There are 25 Credits per semester, 8 semesters comprising total 200 credits for the B.Des Programme. Evaluation system is relative system of grading and grades are awarded based on the class average of the respective class. The class average may vary every year depending on the class performance in that respective subject. The class average is mentioned in the grade sheet against that individual subject.

Exam Timetable of External Regular/Backlog Written/Theory - Oct 2016

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Internal Evaluation

Internal evaluation is done by course faculties .The course is split into number of assignments, which are evaluated on a continuous basis. The marks are disclosed at the end of every module and improvements or suggestions are given to the students. At the end of the course there is a class test / a jury or a class presentation to conclude the internal assessment. The final marks of the internal assessment are shared with the students and signatures obtained to make the student aware of his/her standing in the respective module. Few course have 60 % internal component where as few have 100% internal assessment depending on the nature of the course.

Submissions are received from the students in physical form as well as digital from the University requirement of maintaining the records of the work done by the students.

External Evaluation

As an external component as prescribed in the course structure and external evaluation of the course is done at the end of the semester. This is a component as part of the University Evaluation, where the external subject experts other than the faculty who have delivered the subject are invited to assess the students in that respective subject. Symbiosis International University decides the list of subject experts.Evaluation done at this stage appears as a separate University component in the grade sheet.