General Rules and Guidelines

Every student of this institute shall abide by the rules of this institute, which may be updated from time to time.

Admission is subject to eligibility clearance from the Symbiosis International University. Migration Certificate is essential for seeking admission to the course along with other documents.

Admissions will be cancelled in case of:

  • Not submitting the required documents in time
  • Submission of fake or incorrect documents
  • Failing to fulfill required eligibility criteria of the respective course

Admission will be confirmed only after payment of prescribed fees. For the subsequent years, students are required to register again as per the schedule declared from time to time by paying the prescribed fees for that year. In case of failure to pay the prescribed fees before the stipulated date, a late fee of Rs. 100/- per week will be charged.

General Rules
  • No student is permitted to pursue any other degree course during the duration of the programme at SID.
  • Society or association of the students will not be started without written permission of the concerned authority.
  • No person/s shall be invited to address or entertain the students of the institute, without the written permission of the concerned authority in advance.
  • Use of mobile phones in the classrooms, studios, labs, library and other academic area is strictly prohibited. Mobiles ringing in the class will be confiscated, auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to a charitable cause. Further, such student will be liable for disciplinary action.
  • Carrying any valuables to the institute will be at the risk of the student and institution will not accept any responsibility of the valuables lost in the institute as well as on the campus.
  • Students are requested to note that any application regarding issuing of bonafide certificate, duplicate passing certificate, railways/S.T./Air Concession forms, must be submitted at least two working days in advance. This will enable the SID office to prepare and keep it ready for delivery.
  • Students are required to read the notices put on the notice board of the institute. Institute shall not accept any responsibility for any loss / damage incurred by a student owing to his / her failure to read the notices in time.

Every student must attend at least 80% of the total number of the lectures/sessions conducted by the faculties. The student will not be eligible to appear for the examination if he/she fails to put in the required attendance.

20% absence is allowed with prior permission of Director, SID for the following reasons.

  • Leave on medical grounds
  • Absence on account of participation in institute activities.

Note: The total number of lectures/sessions missed on the grounds mentioned above should not in any case exceed 20%.

If the medical leave exceeds 3 days and also in the event of illness requiring hospitalization of the student for longer periods, the authentication of the same is to be obtained from Symbiosis Centre for Health Care (SCHC). Under no circumstances (even with medical reasons) will a student with less than 50% attendance be allowed to appear for the semester end examinations.

  • Wherever student avails of personal leave, he/she will be required to take prior permission from the respective head of the department and the director. Grant of permission will not mean that the absence has been condoned for the purposes of computing the attendance.
  • No student should leave the station without the prior permission (written) of the concerned authority. Also students will have to take permission to remain absent from any activity of the Institute.
  • The student should be punctual in attendance and must be in his/her seat at the commencement of the lecture. Stipulated attendance, completion of assignments and passing in the internal examination are mandatory for becoming eligible to appear for the semester-end examination.
  • On no account, will students be allowed to remain absent for any assignments, semester-end examination conducted by the institute/university or continuous assessment done by the faculty during the semester. The student will be entirely responsible for such absence. This may be detrimental to the overall performance and results of the students.
  • On no account will students be allowed to remain absent for any of the Saturday special lectures, which are considered as a part of academics. Absence for the lectures will lead to cancellation of the attendance to all the lectures conducted during the previous week.
Disciplinary Rules
  • Anyone found indulging in ragging in any form within or outside the campus, shall be instantly expelled from the institute/University (Ref. The Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act, 1999.)
  • The behaviour of the students at all times, within or outside the campus must be above board and must reflect a sense of responsibility.
  • Students are required to strictly observe the dress code prescribed by the University. Any student found guilty of improper dress will be asked to leave the campus, even during institute hours and the student will himself be responsible for the loss of the attendance. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student found violating the dress code repeatedly. Director's decision will be final in this regard.
  • Students are required to show the due regard for the rights and the properties of the institute. Any student found guilty of tampering / damaging the property, fixtures, equipment, furniture, books, building, vehicles, etc. of the institute / society shall be liable for punishment and might be expelled from the institute/University.
  • Smoking and consuming tobacco products is strictly prohibited on the campus.
  • Any student found misbehaving in the class, lab/studios and behaving arrogantly with the faculty and/or staff or fellow students will be severely punished. The nature of the punishment will depend upon the severity of the offence.
  • Identity Card – Every student of the institute must possess the identity card. He/she should always wear it on person while on campus and should produce whenever called upon to do so by the concerned authorities. The loss of I Card should be reported immediately to the office. Rs. 500/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate I card.

The following will constitute misbehavior and misconduct

  • Disobedience
  • Back answering
  • Objectionable moral influence
  • Insubordination, etc.
  • Improper body language
Rules towards Co-curricular Activities
  • Students are encouraged to take active part in various club activities and co-curricular activities, as they are absolutely essential for the development of the student.
  • Any student allowed to represent the institute in any event will not indulge into activity, which will affect the prestige and the goodwill of the institute. Any student found doing so will be punished severely and decision given by the authorities will be binding and final.
  • Any advance taken by a student towards any activity of the institute should be settled with the authorities within four days from the completion of the activity. To substantiate the expenses, authentic receipts/bills must support the statement.
Important Notes
  • The students are bound by all the rules and regulations made by the institute from time to time. Any matter not expressly provided for in these rules shall rest at the absolute discretion of the concerned authority, which also reserves the right of modifying these rules as and when felt necessary.
  • All disputes pertaining to sale of prospectus, conduct of examination and admissions to the institute shall fall within the jurisdiction of Pune, Maharashtra State only.