Symbiosis Institute of Design

The 'Vaataavaran', an exhibition of collective outcomes from a project called 'Environment Graphic Design', recently executed by 3rd year Graphic Design students at Symbiosis Institute of Design. It is a new area in Graphic Design field which embraces cross disciplines like graphic design, architecture, interior space and industrial Design. Learners are primarily concerned with the visual aspects of way-finding, signage, communicating identity of brands, information design, and creating a thematic sense to a built environment. In today’s Brand centred world, the urgency of a visual manifested environment and the new dimension of experience are very important for sensible users. The exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. Sanjeevani Ayachit, the officiating Director on 25th March 2019 in the ground floor foyer of SID building. This projects were mentored by Prof. Paresh Choudhury and Prof. Manohar Desai.