• Ajay BhaveAssistant Professor Industrial Design Qualification: M. Tech (Management), B. E. (Production)Total Exp: 17.1 years
  • Anuja AmbekarAssistant Professor Industrial Design Qualification: PGDPD (Ceramic & Glass Design), B.F.A.Total Exp: 6.5 years
  • Ankita Brahmi Adjunct Faculty Fashion Design Qualification: B.Des (Fashion Communication)Total Exp: 5.4 years
  • Aarati Khare Associate Professor Communication Design Qualification: M.Des. (Visual Communication), B.F.A. (Applied Arts)Total Exp: 8.4 years
  • Akshata Kuchekar Assistant Professor Fashion Communication Qualification: Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion ManagementTotal Exp: 7.6 years
  • Aditi Deshpande Associate Professor Foundation Qualification: Master of Architecture, Bachelor of ArchitectureTotal Exp: 18.8 years
    • Dr. Hemalatha JainAssistant Professor Fashion DesignQualification: Ph.D, Masters (Textiles & Clothing) NETTotal Exp: 10 years
    • Keyur S. Sahasrabuddhe Associate Professor Communication Design Qualification: MA (Indology), MA EcoTotal Exp: 27.2 years
    • Manohar Desai Head of Department Graphics Design Qualification: MA (Indology), GD Art (Diploma in App Arts)Total Exp: 25 years
    • Mahendra Patel Mentor Professor Communication Design Qualification: PG NID (TYPOGRHAPY), B.A. (Fine Arts - Painting)Total Exp: 52.10 years
    • Millie Thakur Assistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: Diploma in Fashion Design, Diploma in clothingTotal Exp: 22 years
    • Mrudul Mankame Assistant Professor Foundation & Communication Design Qualification: G.D. Arts (Applied Art)Total Exp: 13 years
    • Mansi Saraf Assistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: PGDPD (Fashion Design & Clothing Technology), BFA (Art Crafts)Total Exp: 3.5 years
    • Neelesh Gham Assistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: M. Sc (Fashion Design), B.Sc, Diploma in FashionTotal Exp: 21.2 years
    • Niranjan Mhamane Head of Department Animation Film & Video Qualification: G D Arts (Diploma in Drawing & Painting)Total Exp: 9 years
    • Neetu Singh Assistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: Masters in Fashion Technology, B.A.Total Exp: 15.5 years
    • Dr. Nitin HadapAssistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: Ph.D , M.Phil , M.A. (Indology), G.D. ArtsTotal Exp: 15.3 years
    • Prasanna Khamitkar Assistant Professor FoundationQualification: MA (Indology), Diploma in Applied ArtsTotal Exp: 30.5 years
    • Dr. Pranita Ranade Head of Department User Experience Design Qualification: Ph.D., MA (Indology), Bsc., Diploma in ComputerTotal Exp: 28.4 years
    • Priyadarshini T Assistant Professor Qualification: B.Des (Fashion Design)Total Exp: 16.5 years Fashion Design
    • Prasanna Halbe Head of Department Industrial Design Qualification: M.Des (Industrial Design), B.E. (Mechanical)Total Exp: 23.8 years
    • Ranjitha RajeevanAdjunct Faculty Communication Design Qualification: PGDPD (Animation Film Design), BMMTotal Exp: 6.6 years
    • Ranjit JagtapAssistant Professor Communication Design Qualification: M.F.A. (Applied Art), GD Art (Applied Art)Total Exp: 17.5 years
    • Sanjeevani Ayachit Officiating Director HoD - Fashion Dept.Qualification: M.Sc (Clothing & Textiles), B.Sc. (Home Science)Total Exp: 17.10 years
    • Shraddha SakhalkarAdjunct Faculty Communication Design Qualification: Diploma in Film & Video Communication, B.A.Total Exp: 8.9 years
    • Sandip DeoreTeaching Assistant Communication Design Qualification: B.F.A. (Applied Arts), Dip in Foundation, Dip in AnimTotal Exp: 10.6 years
    • Shubhshree Mathur Assistant Professor Communication Design Qualification: M.Des (Design Space), B.A., B.A.(Hons.) in FashionTotal Exp: 2.1 years
    • Supriya Kapai Teaching Assistant Industrial Design Qualification: PGDACA, GNIIT(Software Engineering) B.Sc. (Interior Design)Total Exp: 3.8 years
    • Simrandeep Saini Assistant Professor Industrial Design Qualification: Master of Interior Architecture and Design, Bachelor of Interior DesignTotal Exp: 3.1 years
    • Dr. Sudip Ray Associate Professor Product Design Qualification: Ph.D. (Design), M.Des. (Design)Total Exp: 16.3 years
    • Sneha RavishankarAssistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: M.Des., B.DesTotal Exp: 1 year
    • Tushar AminAssistant Professor Industrial DesignQualification: Master of Arts (Automotive Design), B. ArchTotal Exp: 5.10 years
    • Tanmayee PuntambekarTeaching Assistant Industrial DesignQualification: M.Sc., B.P.Th.Total Exp: 4.4 years
    • Dr. Vijay Shah Assistant Professor Communication Design Qualification: Ph.D UGC-NET, Master of Visual Arts (Applied Arts), BFATotal Exp: 27.11 years
    • Vishal Wadaye Assistant Professor Communication Design Qualification: MFA (Painting), Bachelor of Fine ArtsTotal Exp: 21.2 years
    • Vijaya Barge Assistant Professor Fashion Design Qualification: M.Des. (Design Space), BFA (Textile Design)Total Exp: 1.9 years