• Fundamental 2018
  • Inter Disciplinary Elective 2018
  • Integrated Disaster Management Programme 2018
  • Vigyapan 2018



Programs are aimed at creating professionals who can contribute to the highly dynamic and competitive world of Design.



Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID) is a Constituent of Symbiosis International Deemed University, established under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956 vide notification No. 9-12/2001-U.3 dated 10th November 2006 of UGC, Government of India.

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Featured Projects

  • Natural Ice cream - Rebranding & Packaging

    Natural Ice cream - Rebranding & Packaging
    Name: Priyanshi Khemka
    Communication Design - Graphic Design (CD - GD)

  • Pic-a-site

    Name: Neha Nagvekar
    Communication Design - User Experience Design (CD - UED)

  • The Bloops - A Motion Graphic Novel
    The Bloops - A Motion Graphic Novel
    Name: Vrushank Gajjar
    Communication Design - Animation Film Design (CD - AFD)

  • If It Helps

    If It Helps
    Name: Jaya Bagherwal
    Communication Design - Video Film Design (CD - VFD)

  • Wireless Headset

    Wireless Headset
    Name: Astha Singhal
    Product Design (PD)

  • The kutch tale

    The kutch tale
    Name: Sanaya Wagle
    Fashion Design (FD)

  • Camouflage with Nature

    Camouflage with Nature
    Name: Poorvasha Dobriyal
    Fashion Communication (FC)